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This package is designed to be used only inside the Telegram application. Since non-Telegram environments lack Telegram-specific traits, calling methods such as retrieveLaunchParams or postEvent will lead to errors.

Nevertheless, the package provides the mockTelegramEnv function, which imitates the environment provided by Telegram. It helps developers start developing applications even without creating a mini app record in BotFather.

This function accepts launch parameters in a raw or parsed format. Here is an example:

import { mockTelegramEnv, parseInitData } from '@tma.js/sdk';

const initDataRaw = new URLSearchParams([
  ['user', JSON.stringify({
    id: 99281932,
    first_name: 'Andrew',
    last_name: 'Rogue',
    username: 'rogue',
    language_code: 'en',
    is_premium: true,
    allows_write_to_pm: true,
  ['hash', '89d6079ad6762351f38c6dbbc41bb53048019256a9443988af7a48bcad16ba31'],
  ['auth_date', '1716922846'],
  ['start_param', 'debug'],
  ['chat_type', 'sender'],
  ['chat_instance', '8428209589180549439'],

  themeParams: {
    accentTextColor: '#6ab2f2',
    bgColor: '#17212b',
    buttonColor: '#5288c1',
    buttonTextColor: '#ffffff',
    destructiveTextColor: '#ec3942',
    headerBgColor: '#17212b',
    hintColor: '#708499',
    linkColor: '#6ab3f3',
    secondaryBgColor: '#232e3c',
    sectionBgColor: '#17212b',
    sectionHeaderTextColor: '#6ab3f3',
    subtitleTextColor: '#708499',
    textColor: '#f5f5f5',
  initData: parseInitData(initDataRaw),
  version: '7.2',
  platform: 'tdesktop',


Note that this function only imitates Telegram environment behavior. It doesn't send any real requests or perform actions that you will only see in the Telegram application.

Released under the MIT License.