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Init Data

This section of SDK provides utilities to work with Mini Apps init data.


This library includes the function parseInitData, which can extract initialization data information from query parameters. Here is an example of its usage:

import { parseInitData } from '@tma.js/sdk';

// Let's imagine, we have init data in a raw format like this. Telegram application is
// sending it in the exact same format.
const initDataString =
  'query_id=AAHdF6IQAAAAAN0XohDhrOrc' +
  '&user=%7B%22id%22%3A279058397%2C%22first_name%22%3A%22Vladislav%22%2C%22last_name%22%3A%22Kibenko%22%2C%22username%22%3A%22vdkfrost%22%2C%22language_code%22%3A%22ru%22%2C%22is_premium%22%3Atrue%7D' +
  '&auth_date=1662771648' +

// Extract init data.
// or
console.log(parseInitData(new URLSearchParams(initDataString)));

// Output:
// {
//   authDate: 2022-09-10T01:00:48.000Z,
//   hash: 'c501b71e775f74ce10e377dea85a7ea24ecd640b223ea86dfe453e0eaed2e2b2',
//   queryId: 'AAHdF6IQAAAAAN0XohDhrOrc',
//   user: {
//     id: 279058397,
//     firstName: 'Vladislav',
//     lastName: 'Kibenko',
//     username: 'vdkfrost',
//     languageCode: 'ru',
//     isPremium: true
//   }
// }

The function extracts the required parameters and automatically validates their types. If a property has an invalid type or value, it will throw an error. To learn more about returned type, refer to InitData type page.

Validating and Signing

Validation and signing utilities has been moved to the separate package - @tma.js/init-data-node.

Released under the MIT License.