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Apps Communication

To understand how to use Mini Apps functionality, we should start by learning how Telegram native application communicates with Mini App.

Depending on the Telegram application, it will create a special environment for the Mini App. For developers, it is enough to know, that this environment is web-based, but nevertheless, each of them has its own communication way between the Telegram application and Mini App.

To be more accurate, Telegram Mini Apps is not new technology even in the world of Telegram. Messenger already has such technology as Telegram Games, which is, internally, almost the same platform as Mini Apps. At least, it uses the same way of communication with the front-end app.

Methods and Events

The next thing important to know is there are 2 terms that are usually used in the context of apps communication:

  • events are received by Mini App from Telegram app;
  • methods are called by Mini App and executed by Telegram app.

Internally, each of them is the event, but we will use these terms as a convention to speak the same language.

Released under the MIT License.