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Test Environment

Telegram provides the special environment for development with some specific features. For example, a developer will be allowed to create a new Telegram bot and specify a Mini Apps link with HTTP protocol or even IP. As opposed to the test environment, in production, a developer is only allowed to specify links with HTTPS protocol. That's why this step is important during the Mini App development process.


You are only allowed to create a new account in the test environment in mobile versions of Telegram. Nevertheless, in this documentation, you will find out how to link to these accounts in other versions of Telegram.

Telegram for iOS

  • Fastly tap Settings section 10 times.
  • Tap Accounts button.
  • Tap Login to another account.
  • Tap Test button.
  • Create a new account.

Telegram Desktop

  • Open side menu.
  • Expand the menu item, where current username is specified.
  • Hold Shift + Alt and press right mouse button on Add Account button.
  • Select Test Server.
  • Link the account created in the test environment.

Telegram for macOS

  • Fastly tap Settings icon 10 times to open the Debug Menu.
  • Hold cmd and click Add Account button.
  • Link the account created in the test environment.

Released under the MIT License.