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Application development is rather hard and continous process which requires a lot of time and patience. To simplify it, the Telegram Mini Apps platform allows debugging developed application.

Enabling Debug Mode

Telegram Desktop

  • Download and launch the Beta Version of Telegram Desktop.
  • Open the side menu and navigate to Settings > Advanced.
  • Scroll down the opened menu and click the Experimental settings button.
  • Check the Enable webview inspecting option.

When the debug mode is enabled, right-clicking in the Mini App will display a context menu with the Inspect option, allowing you to open developer tools.

Telegram for macOS

  • Download and launch the Beta Version of Telegram macOS.
  • Quickly click 5 times on the Settings icon to open the Debug Menu and enable Debug Mini Apps option.

As well as in Telegram Desktop, Inspect Element option will appear in the context menu.

Telegram for Android

  • Enable USB-Debugging on your device.
  • In Telegram Settings, scroll all the way down, press and hold on the version number two times.
  • Choose Enable WebView Debug in the Debug Settings.
  • Connect your phone to your computer and open chrome://inspect/#devices in Chrome – you will see your Mini App there when you launch it on your phone.

Telegram for iOS

iOS webview debugging requires Safari desktop browser and therefore macOS.

To access iOS debugging features without macOS, refer to the Eruda section.

On iOS device:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find Safari icon and press on it.
  • Scroll down and press Advanced.
  • Enable Web Inspector option.

On macOS:

  • Open Safari browser.
  • Open Settings (⌘ + ,).
  • Select Advanced tab.
  • Check Show features for web developers option at the bottom.

Next steps:

  • Connect iOS device to Mac via cable.
  • Open Mini App inside iOS Telegram client.
  • Open Develop tab in the menu bar in Safari on macOS.
  • Select connected iPhone.
  • Optional: select Connect via network and disconnect the cable.
  • Select opened webview URL under Telegram block.


Eruda is a technology that provides a lightweight console in the web. We typically use such packages in environments that don't offer their own consoles.

First of all, it is necessary to install the package and initialize it.


<script src="//"></script>
import eruda from 'eruda';


After eruda is initialized, you will see its element in the UI. Clicking on it will display the console.

Released under the MIT License.