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Mini Apps are web applications designed to have a native appearance. This includes not only the use of components that mimic native elements but also the adoption of the parent application's color scheme.

Mini Apps are provided with colors that currently match those used in the Telegram application. These colors should be utilized by Mini Apps to ensure a consistent and native look.


Launch Parameter

Telegram Mini Apps provides theming data through a launch parameter known as tgWebAppThemeParams. This parameter represents a serialized JSON object containing a list of optional properties, with each property describing one of the palette colors.

Here is a complete example of the parameter value:

  "accent_text_color": "#6ab2f2",
  "bg_color": "#17212b",
  "button_color": "#5288c1",
  "button_text_color": "#ffffff",
  "destructive_text_color": "#ec3942",
  "header_bg_color": "#17212b",
  "hint_color": "#708499",
  "link_color": "#6ab3f3",
  "secondary_bg_color": "#232e3c",
  "section_bg_color": "#17212b",
  "section_header_text_color": "#6ab3f3",
  "subtitle_text_color": "#708499",
  "text_color": "#f5f5f5"

Telegram Mini Apps Method

Nevertheless, retrieving theming data via launch parameters is not the only way. Telegram Mini Apps also permits obtaining the theme through a method called web_app_request_theme.

As a result of calling this method, Telegram will emit an event named theme_changed. The payload of this event contains a property called theme_params, which has the format described in the previous section.

Background and Header Colors

As long as a Mini App is always displayed within a native component, which consists of parts such as the header and body, Telegram Mini Apps also allows changing their colors.

To change the header color, developers should utilize the web_app_set_header_color method, which provides a way to set the color either by using a theme key or a custom RGB string.

To update the body color, it is required to use the web_app_set_background_color method.

Released under the MIT License.